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My name is JoAnn L. I just wanted to say thank you for these wonderful shoes. I have Plantar Fasciitis and bone spurs in my heels and a high arch. I have seen doctors and spent hundreds of dollars on other products with no change and no relief. I bought Z-CoiL shoes and I kept wearing them, breaking them in. Now, I am 95% pain free! I am still breaking them in and believe the relief will be even better. Anyone thinking of buying these, remember you may need to break them in and get used to them, once you do you will be pain free. Thank you Z-CoiL for a wonderful product!!

JoAnn K L
Dayton, Nevada


I went to England several years ago and was constantly in pain from plantar fasciitis. Later my two sisters were going to Italy; but unfortunately one sister did not want to invite me because I was "a pain in the butt" with my moaning and complaining from my terrible foot pain. That’s when I realized I had to do something! I purchased a pair of Z-CoiL shoes before the Italy trip, and at the end of each and every day, my feet felt like I was walking on air. The last day of the tour, I went to "Tivoli Gardens" without my sisters (as they were too exhausted), and I walked up and down those hills without nary a pain in either foot - AND this was the last day of the tour!! Now I'm off to Turkey, and I'm getting another pair of Z-CoiL shoes, the Taos, my favorite. My spouse is taking his Z-CoiL’s for the trip as well. He currently wears his Z-CoiL shoes when serving on wine tasting nights locally. Thank you!

Gloria G
Colorado Springs, Colorado


I am a RN in a hospital setting. I am on my feet most of my 12 hour shifts and before I had my Z-CoiL shoes, my feet hurt all the time. After work, I would get home and take my Nikes off and my heels would be so tender to the touch that it would almost make me scream! I was not able to walk first thing when I got up in the morning after working a long week. My Z-CoiL shoes radically changed all that. After getting used to the increased arch support my feet gradually begin to stop hurting. Now I can stand and walk around my whole 12 hour shift and my feet never hurt. Thank you, Z-CoiL, for making my work environment comfortable again.

Tiger M
Ruston, Louisiana


I think I should be the spokesperson for Z-CoiL footwear as I am stopped every time I go to town! Even recently on vacation, I was stopped. “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE FUNNY SHOES” was the question. The island people were especially interested. “Can we get those here” I told them how to find you and hoped these WONDERFUL shoes can be sent to them. I met one lady who had pain in her feet and legs for over 20 years! I do hope she can get some. As I told her, I was in bad shape 10 years ago before I found mine. I truly believe I would not be doing the things I do now if I didn't have Z-CoiL shoes! After my glasses they are the FIRST thing I put on of a morning and the last before bed. I have just purchased my fourth pair in 10 years, so I feel every penny is worth spending on them! Averaged out it really is only pennies a day. I still have the first pair and wear them when out in the yard. AND NO, I haven't had any trouble walking in them; in the brush or in a rainforest even. Yes! In a rainforest!!! Not one slip or stick in the spring. How's that for advertisement! Thank you, Z-CoiL!

Thylia G
Mont Belvieu, Texas


I love my Z-CoiL shoes! They saved my life. I worked in a factory on hard concrete floors for almost 10 years. After about 7 years it started to take a toll on my feet. After each shift I could barely walk to my car. Each morning I couldn't get out of bed without excruciating pain in both feet. Then one day my husband saw a TV commercial for a local Z-CoiL dealer. He convinced me to go have a look at them. We went the very next day. At first I saw the price of the shoes and wanted to leave the store. I don't spend $200.00 on a pair of shoes, and frankly can’t afford to. My husband made me stay and try on a pair. At first I thought they were funny but they were very comfortable. So comfortable in fact that we bit the bullet and got me a pair of steel-toe Z-CoiL boots for work. I also got the Zoles orthotics as well. Within just a few days of wearing them I had no pain WHATSOEVER. Since that first pair of Z-CoiL shoes I have owned 2 more and am currently on my third pair. I won't wear anything else! I love them so much!

Heather M
Atascadero, California


I love my Z-CoiL High Desert Hikers! I got them sometime in April or May of 2009. I have Neuropathy in both feet and have suffered from back pain most of my life. I sing in Portland's (OR) Singing Christmas Tree and this year we had 10 performances. Those singing in the Tree (structure) are standing for the whole performance except for the 15 minute we get a break. (www.singingchristmastree.org) I have been singing with the Tree since 1999. This is the first year I have been WITHOUT extreme pain! I really believe it is from wearing my Z-CoiL’s! It made it much easier to stand in the Tree for 2 hours. I have to wear black shoes in the Tree and since I couldn't afford to get another pair I found Ice Skate covers work great for covering the boot... it's amazing. I wear them ALL the time, they are the only shoe I wear and I only have one pair, so having the shoe cover really works well. My dogs love me having these amazing shoes, as I now can take them for a walk. We go for about a mile walk day and night depending on the weather. I have not been able to do that since 1997! Thank you so much for developing such a great shoe!

Juliana H
Sherwood,, Oregon


I've developed lower back pain and have diabetes, so I've had to deal, not only with the pain in my back, but the swelling of my feet, ankles, etc. A friend gave me a pair of Z-CoiL shoes, size 8, the tennis shoe style. For over 25 years I've had a sit-down job, but now it's sometimes standing on my feet. I do a lot of hiking and working with my horse, which includes a lot of ground work. At first my other friends and family members laughed at these odd-looking shoes, but they know my history of constant back and lower leg pain. NOW they want a pair, and I'm considering getting a second or even third pair for my self. These Z-CoiL shoes are a lifesaver. Thank you so much!!!!!!

Mary C
Phoneix, Arizona


I purchased my Z-CoiL shoes (Freedom Style) five years ago and they are still going strong. I have gotten them soaking wet in rain, snow, and mud and they still fit and feel the exact same as the day I bought them. I did replace the heels last year (2009) but other than that, the tread is still perfect and I LOVE wearing them! I know I have had many people around town ask me if these shoes actually work. They are very skeptical, but I can assure them AND YOU that Z-CoiL shoes are everything they say they are and more. Yes, I do wear other shoes, but these are my main shoes 99% of the time. They take the strain off my back and make my feet and body feel like heaven (and I can say that with NO exaggeration). Buy these shoes and you will be very glad you did.

Krissy S
Albuquerque, New Mexico


I just bought my Z-CoiL shoes this January, and could actually shout from the roof tops about how wonderful they are! I have a severe case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot and have been suffering for well over a year. It had gotten to the point I could not walk on concrete without being in so much pain that I would cry. I was told about Z-CoiL shoes and after spending a few hundred dollars on other shoes, inserts, walking boot, etc., I thought why not give these shoes a try. What could it hurt spending a little more money Well, it was like instant relief!!!! I still feel like I am dreaming and afraid I am going to wake up and be hurting again. It is a true miracle for me. Words can not explain the relief that I feel! I highly recommend them to anyone with any type of foot problems and also back problems. I just thank God for finding out about these shoes. They are wonderful and like walking on a cloud. When you are fitted with them, they take their business seriously and take time making sure you are fitted properly. The orthotic inserts make them that much more comfortable.

Honestly, I have cried many tears with so much pain and now, only 6 days later, no pain at all. It is a miracle and something that needs to be shouted from the roof tops.

Thank you Z-CoiL!

Loraine L
Columbia, Louisiana


I bought my shoes on Thursday June 11, 2009. I got the new Z-Trek shoes and I love them! I have neuropathy in my feet and have had it for at least 5 years; it's not caused from Diabetes either. I have extreme pain in my toe area and with Z-CoiL shoes I don't get that pain anymore. It takes the pressure off the toes and puts my body in a perfect stance. I love the exercise my legs are getting too. I feel like I am getting a work out without working out... My friend said I would be a great advocate for Z-CoiL because when I like something, I tell everyone! I am so excited to see my Chiropractor as I know these will help my back immensely. What I am excited most about is that I can now take my dogs for a walk and I can keep up with them, I have a spring in my step! My feet don't hurt me when walking around the block; I'm going to try for 2 this next week after I have gotten my body warmed up.

Thank you so much for creating these!!!

Juliana H
Sherwood, Oregon


I am 60 years old and could not walk very far anymore because my knees and hips hurt too much. Along with that, I have type 2 diabetes. In October 2004 I bought a pair of Z-CoiL shoes in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and another pair in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and took them home to the Netherlands. Since then, my knees don't hurt anymore and my hips feel a lot better. I try to wear my Z-CoiL shoes wherever I go! Thank you for this design.

Joke P
Oosterbeek, Netherlands


I LOVE MY Z-COIL SHOES!!!! I had been suffering for several months from pain caused by plantar fasciitis. I work in a grocery store and spend several hours a day on my feet. I discovered these shoes while on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN. I usually do a lot of hiking when we go there, but the pain this time stopped me from being able to hike. Actually, I had not been able to exercise for several months, and to be honest I was packing on the pounds, not to mention getting depressed.

The day before Thanksgiving I worked 10 hours and the pain was terrible. I went on vacation, discovered the shoes, and Christmas Eve I worked 15 hours and could have kept going. I couldnt believe it! The foot and heel pain was 90 percent gone in just 10 days! I also need a partial knee replacement, but have put off the surgery for now because the shoes also relieve my knee pain.

I have gone from having a significant limp to barely one at all. I just can't say enough about these shoes. They have definitely changed my life!

Lisa B
Plain City, Ohio


I bought my shoes about a year ago because I had plantar fasciitis so bad that I had to tip toe to the bathroom, or anywhere else for that matter, and that threw everything (my hips knees, back) out of place.

A co-worker of mine at the nursing home that I work at had a pair of Z-CoiL shoes and I became interested because I couldn't stand anymore at all!

I have had my Z-CoiL shoes for one year and I feel like I have my freedom back, considering that even after I take the shoes off now, I can walk through my house with ease! I don't have to take ibuprofen anymore before and during my work day!

Thank you, Z-CoiL inventors, for giving me my life BACK!!

Jennifer W
Dakota City, Iowa


Before I owned a pair of Z-CoiL shoes I had aching feet all of the time. I work in a warehouse on my feet for 10 hours a day. The day I bought my shoes, I put them on and the heel spur in my left foot stopped hurting instantly! I was sold on the shoe! I have been wearing them for 2 years now and I will never go back to a Plain Jane shoe anymore. I will say this, Z-COIL IS MY FOOT OIL and I will never change the way I walk. They are the best shoes I have ever worn in my life.

Vicki H
Carrollton, Georgia


I was telling friends how my Z-CoiL shoes have completely eliminated my back pain! The pain was SO BAD that after standing all day on asphalt to watch my grandson’s graduation in the Marines, I had to go home and lay in bed instead of celebrating with the family that evening. I first saw Z-CoiL when I visited my daughter in Arizona and her friend had a pair of Z-CoiL shoes on. She is a nurse and said she would never wear another shoe other than Z-CoiL. I thought I could use something like that, but never went further with the idea. Around Christmas time, I couldn’t even stand for an hour without having to lay in bed with pain killers for 2+ hours. My husband even had to do our grocery shopping, since shopping was an excruciatingly painful chore for me. Something had to be done. Instead of going to more doctors, I found a Z-CoiL store in Georgia and bought a pair of Bella’s. In less than 2 weeks of wearing my Bella’s, I was standing on my hard kitchen floor and baking cookies for 4 hours with NO PAIN! I did not have to retire to my bedroom to rest, instead I sat down with my feet up for 30 minutes. I wear my Z-CoiL shoes daily! Now it is almost April and I have not had an ounce of back pain since I put Z-CoiL’s on. These shoes are truly amazing! They look a little odd, yes, but you can't get me out of them!!! From being barely able to walk or stand on any surface, to now being able to walk with total freedom; what price can you put on that None. I can never thank you enough for your wonderful shoes and for giving me back my mobility and joy in life! Thank you so very much!

Linda T
Lawrenceville, Georgia


I had a lot of pain for years in my feet and ankles. I went to the doctor and he told me I had plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and narrowing of articular joints. I walked like I was in my 80's but Im only 49. I went to Z-CoiL and put a pair of shoes on and knew right away that I found the only shoes Id wear for the rest of my life. My husband says I walk like Im 20 years younger. I LOVE my Z-CoiL shoes.

P.S I have 5 pairs now!

Paula D
Pullman, Maine


I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for seven years. There have been times when the only way to get from the bed to the bathroom in the morning was to crawl on my knees.

Last year, I received a cortisone shot in my right heel and felt complete relief, but alas, its effects only lasted a month. I had become more and more sedentary and have really been gaining weight over the last three years because of this issue. I had really started to get depressed because things seemed so hopeless.

I saw a new store open up next to my video store. They were advertising foot pain relief shoes. Then there was an article in the paper about the shoes this store was selling. This piqued my curiosity, so I went in. When I put them on, I was near tears and could hardly talk. The relief was instant.

The foot pain, almost entirely gone, and the hip pain I had developed recently from walking so oddly to accommodate the foot pain was completely gone! I was literally making a whole different set of plans for our summer vacation sitting in the store--one that actually involves walking and doing something, instead of sitting poolside!!

That night, I took my kids to a carnival and walked around for hours. The next morning there was no flare up from the extra walking that normally would occur.

I cannot tell you what it means to be given hope again that something can be done to relieve pain that was so crippling. Thank you so much. I see more Z-CoiL shoes in my future: a dressy pair, a hiking pair, etc., as I regain my life and all its different activities!!!!

Amy S
Zeeland, Michigan


I have been on a mission for many, many years to find a good tennis shoe that actually did what it claimed. I was sitting in my dentist's office when I found a Z-CoiL brochure, and I knew right away that I needed these shoes. My heels just ached when I walked and that could partly (maybe even fully) have been due to the fact that I was 200 pounds overweight, but you can't exercise very well for good health if you can't walk far, right So after saving my money for approximately six weeks, I went to purchase my first pair of
Z-CoiL tennis shoes. I FELL IN LOVE! I want you to know that I have walked in the same pair of tennis shoes for over three years now and have managed to lose 150 pounds! I no longer have heel pain (and didn't from the time I started wearing the shoes, weighing 335 pounds!) and have only had to change the heels one time. I used to walk six miles a day, but have cut it down to three miles, five days a week. I also own a pair of Z-CoiL sandals that I have had for about two years, and my husband bought himself a pair of the Z-CoiL tennis shoes as well. Now my daughter is talking about buying them because she is on her feet all day at work and they hurt. I get comments as well as compliments on my shoes everywhere I go and I ALWAYS give them a Z-CoiL testimony. Keep up the great work, Z-CoiL!

Melissa H
Cisco, Texas


I have been a Firefighter for the past 25 years and as a result have had numerous back injuries / problems etc. I have since retired 2 years ago, and purchased a pair of Z-CoiL shoes on a whim while in New Mexico at the Balloon Festival last year. I was shocked that only after a week, my back problems almost disappeared! After returning home and seeing my results, my wife sought out to get a pair for herself since her job as a nurse keeps her on her feet all day. I guess you can add 2 more VERY satisfied customers to your list, we talk about Z-CoiL to everyone who asks. Which I guess is because of the unique design. Keep up the great work!

Mark J & Vickie B
Baltimore, Maryland


I have had a pair of Z-CoiL shoes for a few years now and forgot that I had them. I have had most of the cartilage removed from both of my knees over the last 15 years and had severe arthritis in my right knee. I had a total knee replacement in March of 08 and am doing much better now. I have been to places like the LA county fair and was on my feet for 6 hours. After the first few hours my right knee would get stiff and painful. Not as bad as before I had it replaced but still hurt, along with my feet because I was wearing sandals. I took my kids to Knott's Berry Farm the other day and finally remembered to wear my Z-CoiL shoes. We were on our feet for 10 hours with a lot of walking and I had no pain whatsoever in my knees or feet that day, that night or the next day. I will remember from now on to wear my Z-CoiL shoes for sure!

Mark H
Corona, California


Hello...I just got done hiking the Appalachian Trail with your Z-CoiL shoes. I would like to inform you that the response was overwhelming and I do believe a lot of people will be buying your product. The hiking shoes performed remarkably well on the long hike. I was the only hiker not to get any blisters or ankle/knee problems. Every day I found myself explaining to people how the spring would go heal to toe first and absorb the impact of the weight on my back. The shoes held up amazingly well, considering the conditions. Because of the rocks on the trail, the front part of the shoe could be made of a little stiffer rubber. Other then that, it's a great product and I wanted to say "thank you".

Matt C
fair oaks, California


I suffer from severe lower back and leg pain. I am 100% flat-footed and I have rheumatoid arthritis throughout my body. Last October (2005), I bought my first pair of Z-CoiL shoes because a friend said the shoes were ugly, but they eased the pain.

Seven years ago I adopted my Chinese baby girl, and before I bought Z-CoiL shoes, I wasn\'t able to do all the things most moms do with their girls. I teach, and after being on my feet all day, I had to lay down and elevate my feet to take the pressure off my back, take pills, and so on. Now I can play and enjoy being with my daughter.

We also spend time in China so my daughter can learn about her language, culture, and heritage. While were in China, I also teach, though under much worse conditions . . . but now that I have Z-CoiL shoes, it doesn\'t matter!

This past December I returned to China to conduct a study and I even went sightseeing without difficulty. I walked all over Tiannanmen Square and the Forbidden City. I felt great!

Thank you Z-CoiL-I have my life back!! For anyone who is suffering from leg or back pain . . . buy Z-CoiL shoes and take back your life!

Candace M
Hewitt, Texas


I have for years been affected by joint pain in my knees caused by osteoarthritis. I work on the Flight Line of the local airport here marshalling airplanes into parking, refueling them, moving them into and out of hangers, constantly on my feet. I tried walking shoes, boots, and canvas shoes, and would still be in pain for most of the day. Then I purchased a pair of the working boots you sell at the urging of my girlfriend. I am no longer in any discomfort or pain during the day. Just to verify what I was feeling, I wore my motorcycle boots one more day and in just a few hours was limping from the pain in my knees. Anytime I am going to be walking for any distance, or simply on my feet for more than an hour, I'm wearing my Z-CoiL shoes. And the styling of the boot is so good, no one even notices them as being different. Thank you. I am now a loyal Z-CoiL person.

Scott B
Sheridan, Wyoming


My primary hobby has been walking, as well a hiking on weekends. In October 2006, I developed acute pain in my right heel, subsequently diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. My wife, a loyal Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear wearer, suggested I give them a try. I purchased my first pair of shoes, the Anniversary Edition, in March in Zeeland, MI. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear has COMPLETELY relieved my pain! The anticipated long-term benefits of wearing Z-CoiL shoes, coupled with the IMMEDIATE relief I have personally experienced, fuels my passion for sharing the benefits of this amazing product with family, friends and medical colleagues. Thank you, Z-CoiL, I am very pleased.

Dr. Robert S
Defiance, Ohio


I am on my feet for my entire shift and I have had problems with plantar fasciitis as well as a bone spur since 2001; I was suffering pain so much that I tried everything, wore a splint to sleep in, wore a boot to walk at work, had cortizone shots and Electronic Shockwave Therapy as a last resort. I spent almost $1000.00 on two different sets of orthotics alone.

I bought a pair of Z-CoiL shoes in March of this year and my life has changed! I love them. I can walk my whole shift with no pain at all. Since I got my awesome shoes (I believe the style is Tia) I have been more active than ever--lost 45 pounds and feel great! I can actually wear other shoes for short periods of time when I have important functions. But I always go back to my Z-CoiL shoes. I love them. Thanks!

Oleda B
Tulsa, Oklahoma


I was born with scoliosis (curvature of the spine), but never felt it until I hit my 40's. At age 43, I developed constant left heel pain and hip pain that was occasional, but made me miserable when I had it. I tried all kinds of expensive shoes plus different types of exercise. Nothing helped. I started to limp and felt embarrassed when people stared at me. Then I bought my Z-CoiL sandals. They felt much better than other shoes, but they didn't have enough arch support. I took them back to the store, where they were adjusted to perfection. Goodbye pain.

Now I have the clogs and athletic shoes, which are wonderful. I also have the Mary Janes. They are not as comfortable, but presentable for special occasions. My next purchase will be the hiking shoes, if they are wide enough. What I have found is that you can't insist on a style of Z-CoiL because you like how it looks. You have to try different styles on and get the one that feels the best. Different styles come in different widths. My feet are slightly wide, so I can wear the above-named shoes, but maybe not all Z-CoiL shoes are right for me.

I would like to thank the man who invented the Z-CoiL, and all others who helped to bring them to fruition. You have given me my life back.

Suzane N
Santa Rosa, California


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